No Live Bait Needed (NLBN) Lures Hot this Week – por Dave Pickering

I was fishing this lure off an 
egg float.This is one of many 
schoolies that fell for an
NLBN lure.
 I was into a ton of fish last evening and I was fishing with my friend
Steve.  We were both catching stripers, but he was catching three to my one.  I was using a Cocahoe off a float, and he was using a lure called a No Live Bait Needed. This little lure was so effective that the fish could not resist it. So, being the good friend Steve was, he asked if I wanted to try one of these.  By the way I never heard of this lure.  So, I rigged one up on my float, and on the first cast, I caught a schoolie.  They came one after another on this lure. Note that I had minimal success on the Cocahoe and no success on the half ounce bucktail jig, but this NLBN lure worked wonders.

The NLBN lure is a small paddle tail that is a bit chunky, and it fits onto its own custom head that you need to purchase separately. It’s profile is a dead ringer for a small peanut bunker.  I was using a three inch body with a half ounce head. I was so inpressed with this lure that I after I got home last night, I ordered quite a few of these.  The website is here . I believe the Saltwater Edge also has them.

I went back to the oceanfront today and same deal.  The bass were jumping all over this lure when used off a float. In two days, I had close to 40 fish on this lure.

I’m happy to report the striper fishing just exploded along the oceanfront in the last few days.  I’ve seen wide stretches of beachfront where birds are diving and fish are breaking for small bait.  There are even some gannets divebombing.  Most of these fish are schoolies, but there are some slots in the mix. The late fall migration is finally here.

One of loads of schoolies landed in the last 
few days.  The late fall migration is here.

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