My two week drought is over.  I found bait along with fish in multiple spots today along the oceanfront. In three spots, I found fish breaking after small pods of bait (looked like silversides). I used bucktail jigs as well as Cocahoes to catch big numbers of bass that ranged from small schoolies to slot fish.  Most of the fish were in that 18 to 24 inch range.

I suspect the shot of cold weather that we got yesterday and today has finally gotten the fish and bait moving. With the cold weather continuing, we should find decent fishing in the coming days. Dress warmly.  When I left my location tonight that I was fishing after dark, it was a cool 36 degrees!

The setting sun reflects off a schoolie that I landed
right at sunset tonight.  For me, fishing was hot along
the oceanfront today and tonight.  It was my best day
so far in November.

Por Don Pesca

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