All Done? – por Dave Pickering

 It’s come to an end for me along the oceanfront.  I fished several times in the last week and found a fish here and there.  I also found good amounts of bait in places but no stripers after them. The numbers of fishermen trying has dwindled down to just about no-one. That all tells me that the stripers, for the most part, are gone.  In addition, the weather has been so stormy. These big blows of the last week seem to have moved the last remaining schools of fish away. In my mind, the consistent fishing is over though I still may go down if I hear something positive from a few friends who are still trying.  That’s not to say you can’t catch a fish along the oceanfront.  I’m guessing there are still some small scattered schools of fish that will be quickly moving along the RI south shore oceanfront in the next couple of weeks.  You will just have to be there at the right place and the right time to cash in on the action.  And, there is the wintering over fish that seem to inhabit many of our coastal ponds and rivers.  You will just have to find them and find fish that are willing to hit in the cold (not easy on these bitter cold days).

Despite a sub par November, this has been a banner year of striper fishing here in RI.  Really, one of the best of all time for good size stripers.  I’ll be doing a year long wrap-up in the coming weeks in which I discuss the 2022 season in more detail.

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